Pre-Consultation Request Form

Please complete this form with as much detail as possible of what you intend. Completion of this form will help Township Staff coordinate a pre-consultation meeting. Pre-consultation with the Township is mandatory prior to the submission of an application made under the Planning Act for an amendment to the Official Plan or Zoning By-law, plans of subdivision, plans of condominium, site plan control or consent as per the Township's Pre-Consultation By-law No. 2013-53. There is no fee for the meeting.

The purpose of a pre-consultation meeting will be to review a draft development proposal for the lands affected by the proposed application(s) and to identify the scope of additional supporting information or material required by the Township, the County of Peterborough, the local Conservation Authority and/or other affected agencies to allow full consideration of the development application(s).  Prior to the pre-consultation being set, a draft proposal will be required to be circulated to all Staff and applicable agencies.  

Please specify to whom all correspondence should be sent:
Type of Application:

Location of the Property

Have there been any previous Planning Act applications on the property?

Description of the subject property.

Please attach a sketch, survey, or plan, etc. of the property that clearly illustrates the following:

  • A conceptual lot and/or building layout for the property 
  • Lot frontage and area dimensions
  • Name of the road(s) the property fronts on
  • Indicate the location of any existing structures

Allowed extensions pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif