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Dog Licence/Tag Notice

Dog Licences for the Township of Cavan Monaghan are lifetime tags and are renewed annually by March 31 of the current year. If fees are not paid before March 31st of the current year fees will double as per By-law No. 2023-71, please see below.

If you are no longer in possession of your dog, you must contact the Municipal Office to have the invoice removed from your account.

By-Law No. 2023-71 states, “Every person who owns a dog which is kept in the Township shall obtain a licence for such dog and shall pay the licence fee for such dog as set out in the User Fees and Charges By-law”.

The Township By-law further states that, “The maximum number of mature dogs allowed shall be three (3) maximum on any one property within the Township, unless governed by a kennel licenced under By-law No. 2013-72.” If you require a licence they can be purchased at the Municipal Office or from the Dog Control Officer year round. Or simply complete the below information and mail into the Municipal Office with payment and your tag will be mailed to you.

All Pit Bull type dogs must be registered with Dog Control.

The Form below is for registering new dogs only.

Dog Information

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Owner Information

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